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Success Stories

There are many people who call themselves a business consultant without the experience, knowledge, or focus to help your business grow. That is not the case with Mary O Connor. She has all the above and more to assist you to identify opportunities in your organization as she has accomplished for over 4000 businesses. She is my pick and most of all I trust her to help my business grow.

- Jerald Wright, Absolute Print & Design

business performance coach mary occonnor

"Mary's coaching has really helped me launch my business. I started out with only a few clients, and, within 6 months I had replaced all of my tutoring business with 48 sessions per month of high paying coaching clients. After one coaching session, I was able to acquire two new clients within two hours!"

 - Gina Mashburn Heath, Relationship Coach

"Mary's consulting with me and my team have really pushed me out of my box. In just a few months we were able to dramatically reduce our overhead and increase our revenues by more than 200%."

– Juli Meyers, Anandel Insurance

"Mary facilitated our management team into taking on greater levels of accountability, bringing out the best of each member. She helped diffuse conflict by training staff in more effective communication skills. Within 11 months, I was able to delegate 70% of my responsibilities to my management team, allowing me to start 3 new businesses. I would recommend Mary to work with any group of people in any organization that wants to enhance their performance and increase their results."

- Alberto Oliviera, President, Vinocor USA

Rarely have I found an opportunity for improving productivity to be as successful as that provided by Mary O’Connor and her team. The most important and long-lasting benefit has been the establishment of trust and cooperation between everyone on the team. Our team now has an uncanny awareness of their own level of accountability for impacting the team and the company in both positive and negative ways.

  - Patricia Conrad, Manager, Standards of Excellence, CA

“I have never been good at marketing myself. But after one VIP Day, Mary unleashed my inner marketing machine.  I went from thinking small to defining a niche market and creating a comprehensive multi-year business plan that included pursuing bigger clients.  My session was, literally, mind-blowing! '”

- Sue Haun, Strategies by Design

“From raising my hourly rates and restructuring my work week, to setting boundaries with difficult clients and taking better care of myself, I have been able to integrate my personal and business lives into a whole way of life.”

–Jim Differding, Landscape Contractor

“Since I have been working with Mary I’ve seen my coaching practice explode while becoming more manageable. She’s awesome and fun.”

-  Jesse Bloom, Leadership Coach

“Mary is an excellent facilitator, keeping our group focused so we could create a road map for the next three to five years.  I would recommend Mary without question to any group that wants to be the most productive they can be. We would not be where we are today without her guidance.”

-  Susan Dickson, COO, Salient Wealth Management

“The breadth of Mary’s abilities is amazing! We doubled our sales revenues and tripled our profit within the first 8 months of working together. In addition, I now have the "dream team" and everyone loves working here.”

-  Bruce Erikson - President, Mendocino Solar Service

“Mary is a true expert in the field of organizational development. She was able to gain the trust of staff and create an environment where people openly shared their perspectives and worked together to identify ways to improve work practices and employee satisfaction.”

-  Anna T. Gonzales, MPH, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

“Mary is an amazing business coach. What sets her apart from regular business consultants is her heartfelt stand for sustainability and in-depth knowledge of what it takes to manifest business goals into reality. She has been pivotal in helping me grow my business.”

-  Heather Picard, Owner, Equinox Landscaping

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