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Team Development

Do you want a team that excels in collaboration and achieves outstanding results?
Is your team working well together, but you’re seeking an edge that pushes it from good to great?
Have you noticed subtle tension among team members that inhibits certain members from speaking up?

Creating high-performing teams is one of an organizations’ most important investments. They can truly accelerate the growth of the company. In fact, investors look at the effectiveness of the senior team as one of the most critical factors before investing in a company.


But high-performing teams don’t just happen — they are built through creating a culture of accountability and empowerment, where group members understand team priorities, have open communication, and develop trust over time.


What are the challenges to developing a high-performing team?


If you are a business owner or leader of a team, you understand the challenging dynamics that can hinder or bolster a group of people to work well together and meet company goals.

Many factors significantly impact the way a team operates including:

  • Different personality types

  • Shifting company goals and direction

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Losing or adding a team member

  • Working remotely as a team

  • Generational gaps

  • A difficult personality on the team


Mary works with teams to enhance their effectiveness by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement, facilitating honest conversations, and providing tools that support team development.


Through a combination of individual and group work, Mary’s team development process facilitates the engagement of every team member and elicits the commitment needed to achieve the team’s potential, all in the context of the goals and vision of the business overall, the team, and each person’s individual role.

"Mary facilitated our management team into taking on greater levels of accountability and helped diffuse conflict by training staff in more effective communication skills. Within 11 months, I was able to delegate 70% of my responsibilities to my management team, allowing me to start 3 new businesses."

- Alberto Oliviera, President, Vinocor USA

What are the benefits of team development?


When you focus on enhancing team performance and developing your team you will:

  • Increase profitability through enhanced performance 

  • Have a more aligned focused team

  • Have your team members take more accountability and ownership of the company’s goals and vision

  • Enhanced performance due to better collaboration and communication

  • Reduce conflict and potential problems among team members

  • Increase innovation and creativity through brainstorming and creative problem-solving


Teams benefit by learning new ways to work together using participatory decision making and creative brainstorming that allow all to excel. Mary’s team development process will bridge any existing performance and communication gaps and assist in the creation of core competencies that maximize productivity.

When employees learn to work together effectively, they complete assignments faster and deliver better quality outcomes. That’s because they are more comfortable with each other, respectful of one another’s opinions, and understanding of each team member’s approach. Less conflict and fewer misunderstandings will lead to increased output.

Individuals leave her facilitated team sessions with a greater sense of team purpose, clarity around roles, and renewed energy, all of which lead to enhanced performance and increased revenues.

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