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Triple your Sales Revenue

A sales coach is a trained, dedicated adviser who provides small business owners with the skills, encouragement, and accountability they need to improve their sales. You can achieve significant sales growth for your business with the guidance of a qualified, professional sales coach. Sales coaching isn’t a magic pill, but a process grounded in science and psychology.

Sales Coaching

To succeed, a small business requires more than an idea to get it off the ground and sustain growth. No matter what kind of business you have and regardless of what you offer, all businesses depend on sales. Sales are the primary way to make your business profitable. Through personalized sales coaching and leadership development.

Sales Strategies Tailored to Your Meet Your Goals

All sales coaches want to increase the sales and the success of their clients, but individual coaches may have different interests. Some focus on specific industries. Others gravitate toward businesses of a certain size. Mary O’Connor of Epic Mind Consulting specializes with small businesses that are:

  • Service-based, such as landscape contractors, cleaning services, web services, etc.

  • Aligned with a mission — they want to make a positive difference

  • Enjoy a certain level of success, but are stuck at a sales plateau

  • Have national aspirations, even if they haven’t reached that level of success yet


Mary uses her energy and passion to reignite yours. As a sales coach, she’s committed to helping you streamline and enhance your sales process. She clearly explains how to implement these improvements, and she even trains your sales staff to make the most of them.

"Mary's consulting with me and my team have really pushed me out of my box. In just a few months we were able to dramatically reduce our overhead and increase our revenues by more than 200%."

– Juli Meyers, Owner, Anandel Insurance

How Much Money Are You Leaving on the Table?

The goal of a sales coach is simple: to increase your company’s sales performance in a significant way. As a small business owner, you have to wear so many hats that you may not be able to give your sales strategies and processes the attention they require. But to drive your business forward, you have to focus on sales; in fact, it may be the most important job you have. Mary O’Connor works with you and your sales staff to:

  • Clarify your sales goals

  • Identify what already works and what needs to work better

  • Develop and implement a process that guarantees results


When your teams work toward your sales goals, you’ll find it’s easier to reach them. Instead of creating obstacles to growth, you’ll tear them down. To achieve your sales goals, you must:

  • Be crystal clear about your niche in the market

  • Be specific about your offer to attract customers

  • Have a consistent marketing strategy that works


Exceed Your Sales Goals. Every month.

When you engage a sales coach, you get much more than just an improved sales strategy, as important as that is. Because of the work you do together, you undergo leadership development training to better motivate and inspire yourself and your teams. Other business benefits of sales coaching include:

  • Establishing clear metrics for your success

  • Better sales performance that results in more closed business

  • A positive, proactive mindset about your sales

  • Enabling you to meet or exceed your goals

  • Being able to develop a deeper rapport and trust with prospects

  • Increased lead-generating activities

  • Processes for tracking results

  • Increased profitability


Don’t settle for just any sales coach. Find one who shares your passion for your mission and works to understand your business. Once you settle on the right small business coach, one who resonates with your values, you can expect that she will:

  • Assess your strengths and areas for improvement

  • Provide ongoing feedback

  • Develop your knowledge and skills

  • Change your behaviors and habits

  • Inspire you to self-motivation

  • Improve your business’ performance


What Is the Secret to Increasing Sales?


To improve your sales and take your business to the next level, you need to wake up every day and make a commitment to yourself to learn and grow and get even better. Selling is a process of continuous improvement and refinement. You never actually reach the endpoint. The Epic Mind Consulting sales method helps you master:

  • How to find new business opportunities

  • How to identify and engage your target market

  • How to find quality leads and referrals

  • How to reach decision-makers

  • How to easily build rapport

  • How to handle objections

  • How to close deals

  • How to deliver sales presentations that hit the mark online and in-person

  • How to book more appointments over the phone


The ultimate goal of sales coaching is to create a business environment where you’re empowered and motivated to implement a new sales strategy while you keep improving your sales skills. Effective sales coaching is the key to long-term performance improvement and organizational success. The Eight Pillars of Sales Coaching™ include:

  1. Adopt a proactive mindset about selling

  2. Establish realistic goals for sales, client acquisition, and lead generation

  3. Identify key marketing strategies for generating leads

  4. Learn to effectively use social media and online webinars

  5. Clarify your ideal niche

  6. Articulate your compelling benefit statement

  7. Create a sales funnel

  8. Take action


You can achieve improved sales through these eight steps with Mary O’Connor of Epic Mind Consulting. Contact Mary today to get started.

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