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Narrowing your Niche

So why is it so hard to narrow our niche?

Why do people resist doing it?

The bottom line is that most people are afraid that they’re leaving people out

and they’re going to miss out on opportunities.

The other reason is because we are afraid that we have to say no to people, which is uncomfortable.

Why is clarifying your niche so important?

The reason why it’s so important to make sure that you are speaking directly to the people who can hear you and have a need for your services. When you’re speaking directly to the group of people who actually have the problem that you are an expert at solving, they hear you and will be much more likely to be interested.

But the main reason people resist narrowing the niche is that It’s difficult to think like your ideal client. We have trouble getting into their heads and seeing from their perspective. That requires that you do a bit of research on our potential niche and see if they want what you’ve got.

Rarely do entrepreneurs do ANY research in the area of their business. They get into business to be of service to people but they don’t really know who those people are or what they really need.

So, the first step is to really try to think like your potential client. Try to get into their head and think about what they are struggling with? And what do they complain about?

In order to be effective at marketing your services, you must be able to focus on the ideal person who both needs your services and can pay for them. You must be able to identify their current challenges and articulate a compelling solution. That is the bottom line about niching, so that people who need your services and can pay for them can find you easily!

How to fix the problem:

Recently I started interviewing 25-50 people to find out what they really need in their small business. It was very enlightening and helpful! And totally changed the direction I was thinking of going in.

I recommend that you start by interviewing a minimum of 20-30 potential clients and find out what they say their problem is and how they say it..

This is the best way to clarify your niche.

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