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Leadership Development


It’s up to you as a business owner to make things happen for your business. Your vision and passion may have been enough to get your business off the ground but to achieve optimal velocity and a cruising altitude, you now need something more. You need Mary O’Connor of Epic Mind Consulting.

If you’re unsure if her leadership development program is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I a business owner who wants to make a huge change in the world?

  • Am I committed to growing into a resilient leader?

  • Am I experimenting with new ways to organize my business?

  • Am I willing to face my limiting beliefs in the service of creating an extraordinary workplace?

Mary O'Connor

Leadership Development Coach

To face today’s increasingly complex marketplace, consumer uncertainty, and a competitive digital world, every business owner needs to acquire resilient leadership skills. Mary provides leadership development that helps you accomplish not only your business goals but your sales goals as well.

How Can I Increase My Effectiveness as a Leader?

New research reveals that by developing the skills of resilient leadership, rather than reactive leadership, you can build successful teams and achieve outstanding business results. But the process requires you to examine not only your external actions but your internal response mechanisms, as well.

To be effective as a leader, you must look inside yourself. Understand the triggers that lead you to reactivity and defensiveness, rather than calm, non-reactive decision-making. Making this one adjustment may change your entire outlook on your business activities.

There are many people who call themselves a business consultant without the experience, knowledge, or focus to help your business grow. That is not the case with Mary O Connor. She has all the above and more to assist you to identify opportunities in your organization as she has accomplished for over 4000 businesses. She is my pick and most of all I trust her to help my business grow.

- Jerald Wright, Absolute Print & Design

What Can I Expect from Leadership Development?

Being a resilient, authentic leader means that you end up with a more loyal, dedicated team, one willing to follow your lead. Your new leadership style means that you lead from your core values. For example, you:

  • Set appropriate boundaries and honor your agreements with integrity

  • Earn the respect of your colleagues and your customers

  • Create an empowering business culture for your company

  • Promote an atmosphere around you that your employees welcome, rather than dread


As a result of this form of leadership, you experience a profound sense of openness and expansiveness. It creates new opportunities and leads you into a more profitable — and positive — workplace.

What Are the Benefits of Leadership Development?

In addition to gaining a new sense of courage and confidence, you’ll see increased revenue as a direct result of Mary’s business development.  In fact, as a result of her sales coaching program,  Mary expects you to double your business in less than 12 months.

The benefits extend beyond the scope of your immediate environment. Through Mary’s transformational leadership development process, your business becomes a source of pride with benefits that include:

  • Empowered employees and contractors

  • Aligned leadership styles with all your managers

  • Greater focus and direction for the organization

  • An inspired and enthusiastic staff

  • Increased profitability

  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention

  • Increased productivity and teamwork


With Mary’s guidance, you will design breakthrough projects and strategic plans to maintain the momentum you derive from your regular coaching sessions. You also receive a targeted follow-up plan to ensure you stay on track — because being a leader is a continuous process toward ever greater mastery.

How Can I Develop Effective Leadership Skills?

The foundation of any successful business involves developing:

  • An inspiring vision

  • Authentic core values

  • A compelling purpose


To become an effective leader, you must hold these concepts as the context from which to lead. When they become the principles from which you act, you effectively lead, genuinely motivate, and inevitably succeed.

The transformational leadership development process that Mary O’Connor has created involves cutting-edge internal transformation through practical business advice and executive coaching. This customized program includes an executive leadership skills assessment to:

  • Receive 360-degree input

  • Clarify your goals and vision

  • Develop a strategic business plan

  • Create a structure to fulfill your goals

  • Learn new leadership habits

  • Implement your new strategy

  • Track your results

  • Make adjustments as needed to stay on course


How Do I Get Started?

Mary O’Connor custom-designs a process that enables you to get free of binding beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors — in your role as the owner or executive and throughout your organization. You’re able to create a work environment that’s electrified with positivity and profits beyond your imagination.

Contact Mary today for a free Business Strategy Assessment. Mary has taught thousands of business leaders, just like you, how to develop these cutting edge leadership qualities. Epic Mind Consulting makes you the catalyst for your next success.

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