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Helping coaches double their sales
in 90 days or less.

Do you experience:

  • Not enough clients?

  • Having overwhelming priorities?

  • No effective system for generating new business?

  • No clear marketing strategy to get to your goals?

Welcome to a massive boost in your sales
and attracting new clients
with Coach Mary O'Connor.

As an award-winning business coach,
Mary empowers coaches & small business owners
to reach heights they never thought possible.
Leveraging her vast experience, strategic insight, and empathetic approach, she is committed to your success,
driving results that exceed expectations.
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Meet Coach Mary O'Connor

Award-winning coach Mary O’Connor has helped more than 4000 businesses accelerate their success through sales training and tools that impact performance and increase profitability.

She has 30-plus years of experience as a sales expert and has worked with companies such as KPMG, Genetech, YWCA, New Leaf Paper and Solar Sonoma County. She is a former adjunct professor at Sonoma State University and holds an MA in Organizational Development.


Our Solution:​

  • Create a concrete strategy to reach your profit goals

  • Focus on income-generating activities

  • Increase productivity and output

  • Double sales

  • Establish systems that streamline your efforts 

  • Inspired Leadership that aligns your team around goals

  • Greater employee satisfaction & retention

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Mary Banners (4).png

If you are a coach who wants to have more clients as well as making a huge impact, this is the place for you.

The keys to a successful and meaningful business begin with determining your core values, vision, and mission. Then developing the leadership skills to implement that vision, whether that means hiring the right talent, focusing your team on the right objectives, or creating the systems that will liberate you.

We all know that the culture of an organization is critical, as is the need for better communication among staff, and developing resilient leadership skills.  As a business is also a unique constellation, a set formula doesn't always work.   It takes someone who can truly see your business and then develop strategies specifically designed for it. 


Mary's skill is in identifying the underlying challenges that keep your particular business from achieving its full potential.  She is masterful at untangling complex issues and enabling your businesses to work in a more easeful and productive way.  

Would You Like to Rapidly Expand Your Growth?

Starting a small business is not easy, and it requires courage, determination, and consistency. Being massively successful requires more than a good business plan. Whether you have 10 employees or 500, to be an effective leader for your small business, you need certain skills that are different from the skills you needed to start your business. As your business grows, you need to keep expanding your skills to keep up.


Most business owners do not go to business school, do not have an MBA, and most business plans are sitting in a binder on the top shelf untouched for years. It is no wonder that so many owners struggle with juggling all of the multitudes of tasks required. It can be completely overwhelming and stressful, particularly when you have no map of the terrain and no guide.

Some of the common barriers to success in leading small business include: 

  • Spending time on non-income generating tasks

  • No consistent marketing activities 

  • Not making critical decisions in a timely fashion

  • Not setting regular goals or communicating them to your team

  • No structure for accountability with your team



You can overcome all of these barriers to success with Leadership Development coaching and sales coaching. Both fall under the general category of small business coaching. When you turn to Mary O’Connor of Epic Mind Business Consulting, you get training and support to reach your goals and become more successful.

What Are the Benefits of the
Attract Clients Now Accelerator?


Mary’s Epic Mind Coaching Process is a proven method for you as a business owner to set the course and create a framework for the future of your enterprise. The benefits of this process for your business include gaining:


  • More empowered and aligned leadership traits

  • A greater focus and direction for your organization

  • An inspired and enthusiastic staff

  • Increased business profitability

  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention

  • Increased productivity and teamwork


To be as effective as possible, your strategic coaching process is custom-designed and follows a proven process that Mary tailors to your individual needs. 

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Susan Dickson
COO, Salient Wealth Management

Mary is an excellent facilitator, keeping our group focused so we could create a road map for the next three to five years.  I would recommend Mary without question to any group that wants to be the most productive they can be. We would not be where we are today without her guidance.


Bruce Erikson - President, Mendocino Solar Service

The breadth of Mary’s abilities is amazing! We doubled our sales revenues and tripled our profit within the first 8 months of working together. In addition, I now have the "dream team" and everyone loves working here.

Anna T. Gonzales, MPH
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

Mary is a true expert in the field of organizational development. She was able to gain the trust of staff and create an environment where people openly shared their perspectives and worked together to identify ways to improve work practices and employee satisfaction. 

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