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Creating high-performing teams is one of the organizations’ most important investments. And they can truly accelerate the growth of the company.


High-performing teams don’t just happen — they are built through creating a culture of accountability and empowerment, where group members understand team priorities, have open communication, and develop trust over time.


Mary works with teams to enhance their effectiveness by identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement, facilitating honest conversations, and providing tools to foster team growth.  >>more>>

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​A sales coach is a trained, dedicated adviser who provides small business owners with the skills, encouragement, and accountability they need to improve their sales. You can achieve significant sales growth for your business with the guidance of a qualified, professional sales coach. Sales coaching isn’t a magic pill, but a process grounded in science and psychology.

To succeed, a small business requires more than an idea to get it off the ground and sustain growth. No matter what kind of business you have and regardless of what you offer, all businesses depend on sales. Sales are the primary way to make your business profitable. Through personalized sales coaching and leadership development.



It’s up to you as a business owner to make things happen for your business. Your vision and passion may have been enough to get your business off the ground but to achieve optimal velocity and a cruising altitude, you now need something more. You need Mary O’Connor of Epic Mind Consulting.

If you’re unsure if her leadership development program is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I a business owner who wants to make a huge change in the world?

  • Am I committed to growing into a resilient leader?

  • Am I experimenting with new ways to organize my business?

  • Am I willing to face my limiting beliefs in the service of creating an extraordinary workplace? >>more>>

Group Therapy

Business development includes everything from hiring your first real employee to developing a strategic marketing plan that will scale your business to the next level.


The key questions are:

  1. Where do you see your business over the next five years?

  2. What are your goals for the next 12 months?

  3. What are the biggest challenges or concerns that you have about hitting those numbers and goals?


The first step in business development requires establishing clear goals for sales, for profit, for new contacts and new customers.  The next step is to establish a plan to reach those goals and those customers. It can be either a far-reaching multi-year strategic plan or a simple month by month sales strategy.  >>more>>

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