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About Mary O'Connor

Business Coach Mary

An award-winning executive coach and business consultant, Mary O’Connor is the founder of and driving force behind Epic Mind Consulting.  As a cutting-edge transformational coach, Mary helps small business owners and executives develop internal guidance systems to increase sales and outperform the competition.

Mary is passionate about helping people tap into their vast potential and achieve their wildest dreams. She has seen first-hand how releasing limiting beliefs and patterns from the past, people can shift dramatically and become more effective, more success and more fulfilled. 

Mary O'Connor

Award-Winning Business Coach

She has developed processes and programs that allow you to be the catalyst of change in your organization. She enables you to grow your business by developing its most important asset — its people. She has successfully provided thousands of companies:

What Successes Has Mary Achieved?


Mary O’Connor has helped more than 4,000 businesses accelerate their success with management and sales tools and technologies that impact performance and increase profitability. She has more than 40 years of experience as a sales expert and business professional, and she’s worked with such notable companies as:

  • Whole Foods

  • KPMG

  • Genetech

  • YWCA

  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • New Leaf Paper


The oldest of nine children, Mary learned early on many of the skills that have helped her succeed like determination, resiliency, and commitment to action.

She put herself through college, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology. After she was hired as an archaeological specialist for the California Office of Historic Preservation, where she modernized all of the State of California’s archeological sites.

Why Does Mary Value Sales Expertise So Much?


Early in her career, Mary was hired as the General Manager for a 28-person solar company in Sacramento, where she turned around the company in her first month. She became the top salesperson in the next position at another solar company, realizing that sales were exciting and lucrative.

After co-founding an event planning company in San Francisco, she increased annual sales from $100,000 per year to $2 million per year in two years. Then she started her own event planning company, Excellent Eventures. Running this company successfully for five years, she learned not only how to manage people in a high-stress environment, but how to motivate them to achieve top performance.

How Can Mary Help Me and My Business?


Mary’s knowledge of human behavior led her to develop a clear system for increasing sales. She obtained a Master’s degree in Organizational Development, which enabled her to immediately get hired to transform an agency in the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, taking them out of the lowest ranking in employee satisfaction and landing that division at the top.

She sharpened her teaching skills over 5 years as an adjunct professor at Sonoma State University, teaching Strategic Management to MBA students and seniors.

Today, Mary runs a successful business development firm: Epic Mind Consulting. A consultant and national public speaker, she helps business owners and executives create a mission-focused environment to motivate and empower employees to perform at higher levels. She teaches how to unlock sales potential through better communication and listening.

Mary’s approach to leadership development is as transformative as it is pragmatic. With compassion and laser-sharp insight, she moves you beyond your perceived limitations into success by shifting both beliefs and behavior. See her clients share their stories of how her work has made a difference in their careers and businesses. Contact Mary today to begin your own journey to greater success and fulfillment in your business and beyond.

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